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Le Mons Delise Chalet


(Lunar, Schnitzel, Monogamous)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please bring your attention to the left side of the rover.”  The tour guide pointed.  “Right there, see it?  That folks, is a Schnit, oh how fortuitous to find one!”  She pointed to a smallish thing like a tube worm only with legs.  “They are a monogamous creature, as far as we can tell they are indigenous to our own moon.  On all the planets we’ve landed on and explored so far, the Schnits have never been seen anywhere but here; they are quite rare.”  Read the rest of this entry

Johnny Goes to the Store


Johnny, Cash, Hurt

Well that is the last time I bring him to the store, I can tell you that.  Johnny acted like a monkey today, running up and down the aisles and screaming when I wouldn’t buy the cookies.  He decided that he wanted sugared cereal instead of the fiber one we usually get and when I said no, well you would’ve thought it was the end of times.   Read the rest of this entry