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Supernova Begins! Part 8


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Ted wished he could wipe the sweat off his brow. It had run down into his eyes a few times and it stung like crazy. He hoped he wouldn’t have an itch to scratch since clearly that wasn’t going to happen either. He looked over at Jim, the picture of calmness, methodically spraying the trinite back and forth, back and forth. They had been out for about 45 minutes this run, hard at work the whole time. People’s lives depended on them finishing this and getting it right. Read the rest of this entry

Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color!


Xerox, Coelacanth, Paprika

Cathy DeBaria had forgotten and left her papers on the desk again.  Now if she intended to get any work done this weekend she would have to return to the museum, and walk all the way to her office.  Aggravated with herself, she turned to run back in.  She would have to take a later bus.  The harried ichthyologist would be late for her writer’s group meeting and the dinner afterward, although there was still a chance to make it if she hurried and went straight to the hall from work.  Everyone brought a covered dish and Cathy usually made deviled eggs with a little paprika sprinkled over the top.  She hated showing up without food, but this time it could not be helped. Read the rest of this entry

The Short (3 words) and the Long (story) of it!


Just 3 words.  Give me 3 words and I’ll write one short story using them.  You can give me new words by leaving a comment here .  If there are no messages any given day I will provide my own or ask friends to step up.   I am not likely to be here on weekends, but one never knows.

Stories will be short, 300-1000 words who knows?   Help me out and give me 3 words!

NOTE: I have a teen who reads this as well, so any emails or comments not suitable for all will be scathingly denounced and then deleted with great gnashing of teeth.