This page is simply a list of things that make me feel good. When I need a reason to smile…I make myself add to the feel good list and soon things just…look better.  I highly recommend that you make one and refer to it often!

*the smell of fresh mown grass

*rain on a tin roof

*baby kisses

*stepping into a well air-conditioned room when it’s HOT!

*teenager smiles

* “I’ll Fly Away,” by Jars of Clay

*YouTube Video “Girl play piano with no finger on one hand” (Don’t be stupid – the song is incredibly beautiful)

*Getting out of work early!

*Sunbathing on a quiet beach, listening only to the soft sound of the sea and reading a good book

*The complete and total joy obvious in every fiber of my puppy’s body when I get home from work :}

*The smell and sounds of a thunderstorm

*That moment right before you go to sleep.  Your mind is at rest, your body perfectly comfy.  Drift…away…

*Alone in the car, singing loudly to a Great song from way back when!

*Squiggly eyes glued to pine cones

*playing board games with the family

*Dad (or Mom) hugs

*Dishes done, house clean and yards mowed

*Watching horses run

*Receiving a lovely comment and/or a new subscriber to your blog

*Crisp fall air, leaves turning, bonfires on chilly nights, apple cider with cinnamon sticks, fall fairs!

*Visiting with friends/family that you haven’t seen in years but grew up with 🙂

*Kiddie Halloween costumes with giggles and screams!

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  1. I would like to add the complete and total joy obvious in every fiber of my puppy’s body when I get home from work :}
    The smell and sounds of a thunderstorm sort of bring you back too.


  2. Finishing a great blog post.
    Sitting down and playing two simple, but beautifully dissonant chords, on a guitar.
    Marmite toast after a hard day.
    Baking… yum.

    I’ve never tried marmite, and I can’t play the guitar, but excellent additions!


  3. I’d add, receiving a lovely comment on your blog. Thank you so much for your comment today!

    Jenny you are so right! I added that right away.


  4. What a great idea! I’d like to add “waking up to a new day of possibilities”…I’m feelin’ good now! 🙂

    Good one! Now start your own ‘feel good’ list and put that at the top! 🙂


  5. Wow!! I really love this page. Wow! Just reading the things that inspire you and make you happy feel great just thinking about the images, sounds and experiences.

    Well, sometimes we need little reminders, ya know? At least I do.


  6. A phone call from my daughter who’s a nanny asking me about how I taught her words when she was a baby…the opportunity to recall reading books aloud to my children, playing word games and singing silly songs, making a space for the child’s voice to respond, like in “POP” goes the weasel. The sweet sound of a baby’s first words.

    Wow, these are all excellent feel goods! They should be at the top of your list! 🙂


  7. Good list…it is great to be reminded of all we have to be thankful for during these trying times. Here are a few things that always make me smile: Watching our big yellow Labrador retriever jump out of the car and dash for the beach… The sound of my grandchildren giggling in their beds when they are supposed to be sleeping… sunshine, even if the air is frigid…having all three of our kids “home” for however short a visit…my husband warming up the car for me on cold days.

    Wow, these are excellentitems, you need to start your own “Feel Good” list! Yes yes for the kids giggling!


  8. Oooo I love the smell of freshly mown grass! Such a good idea, I’m going to have to do one of these lists.
    Here’s one – Singing Something’s gotten hold of my heart by Gene Pitney in a kareoke room (ideally with some of my siblings – one of the records we had in the house growing up and it always used to get stuck so a little family joke)!

    Actually that’s another one – family jokes that are completely silly and nobody else really gets!

    These sound great, they need to be at the top of your list! I have a few of those you-gotta-be-there jokes with my siblings too, good idea for the list 🙂


  9. I made a list once of what I referred to as ‘Me Shtufffs’ so someone might understand me better -a list of ‘what it is that makes me tic’ -the sucker was three pages long, go figure. It helped I think. Them and myself. We all are far more complicated and intricate and fragile then we give ourselves credit or allow to be seen. ‘Feels Good’ is a good idea. Unfortunately, not everything makes us feel good, but holding out till things eventually turn around does make us feel good -in the end.

    Hudson you bring up some strong points, here. We are far more complicated, intricate and fragile than we even know sometimes. Good to hear from you, hope all is well out there in northern land. 🙂


  10. Love these, Neeks! For me, I’d add:
    * The smell of freshly-cut wood
    * The purr of a kitten in my lap (though that often becomes “on my chest” or “in my face” 😉 )
    * The curl of my husband’s arm around me when I’m half-asleep

    It’s always good to remember the simple things, and how much joy they can give.

    Wonderful choices Mayumi, thank you!


  11. Love this idea! So easy and fun. It makes me feel comfy, thinking about it. 🙂

    Here are some:

    -good book and cozy blanket on a cold night
    -the smell of an old cedar chest
    -watching my dogs run in their sleep (along with their little barks here and there)
    -bare feet on a cold bathroom floor in the heat of summer
    -a clear, starry night
    -being in the mountains
    -laughing uncontrollably with my husband 🙂

    These are a GREAT addition thank you! How could I have missed the smell of an old cedar chest?? Looks like you have the first 7 “Feels Good” entries for your own list! 🙂


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