Hello all of my friends, family and subscribers!  I clap and squeal like a little kid each and every time someone new follows my blog.  I would love to get to know you better and introduce you to my other subscribers.

With that in mind, I would love it if you subscribers would “reply” to this note with some information about yourself.  That can consist of what you like to write about and where/if you’ve been published.   I’m interested in what you like to read, how many siblings you have or what color your hair is…well the content is up to you.  Hint Hint:  by adding the URL to your blog or website we will all be encouraged to visit you.  Last but not least, don’t forget rule Eleventy-Five.

Rule Eleventy-Five~I know that writing is serious business to those who are serious about it.  But let’s also remember to smile.  Everyone go back and add one silly thing you like, or do, or think about ~ to your post here (since you can’t edit your remarks on wordpress, just comment/email/Facebook me and I’ll add it in for you).   Me?  I like to make up stupid numbers.  Eleventy-Five.  Fourty-Eleven.  Seven and two cow patties.  Now ya know.

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  1. Pubbed author of sweet romance: my debut: NO MATTER WHY (The Wild Rose Press); mom, wife, day-job holder, blogger, lover of tennis, reading and music (and the occasional very quiet day at my home). Feel free to check out my blog (www.joannaaislinn.wordpress.com) and website (www.joannaaislinn.com).


  2. Published author with More Magazine…2 poems 2 short stories…I love to experiment with writing and most of my content is what I like to call “my excavation project.” However, having said that I feel I’ve dug deep long enough and so I’m moving into an exciting Season of my life which is all about being present in the moment, loving deeply, sharing, giving my time to others in need (volunteering), positivity; basically or not so basic, depending on how you look at it; living a mindful life. My Blog (which, btw, you have visited and left a touching comment on that I appreciated so much) is: http://modnmindful.wordpress.com/
    I hope you stop by and say hello again real soon! I adore your blog and your list is fantastic! Thank you Neeks!


  3. I’m a copywriter in an advertising agency. Words are my life. In lyrics, in work, in blogging, in poetry, in talking, in hand-written letters.

    I’m a reader, a bike-rider, wine-drinker, music-lover. I write here: havemyword.wordpress.com

    I hope to write a book one day.

    Your writing is inspiring. Thanks for putting it up here 🙂


  4. I’ve written an as yet unpublished memoir (Glass Houses) about growing up and coming to terms with being gay and am currently finishing up my first work of fiction (Addicted). I blog about all kinds of things on my blog (My Glass House). Drop by and say hello!


    Thanks Neeks!


  5. Firstly, thanks for encouraging your followers to all get together!

    I am 20 years old and in between drinking tea, napping and attending university (majoring in Public Relations and Spanish) writing is my keenest pleasure in life. I was a finalist in the Sydney Morning Herald Young Writer of the Year competition, I have three stories published online at vibewire.org, an opinion piece in the Herald and various pieces in zines.

    My favourite pastimes include staring at paintings, making faces at small children and learning new words. When I grow up I want to be retired.


  6. I am a published writer and illustrator of children’s books here in the Philippines. I love reading (Woolf, Kundera, Garcia-Marquez, Forster, Wharton), writing stories, listening to bossa nova music, the beach (we have a lot of nice ones where I’m at), watching romantic comedy movies, collecting fabrics and printed paper, and doing collages. =)


  7. My name is Marcos, and Ben. i have two names, because I have two identities, I have been trying my hand at experimentation with alter egos to achieve a purer form of creativity. I paint, draw, sculpt, write, sing, create music, make movies, anything that has a creative capacity. we are trying to master all creative practices. Also we find it fascinating your three word story premise. we did something with short poems and using random words pulled from a hat. We’ll post them as soon as the Ec Nihil Ad Nihil is done. Thanks for the comment and compliments.


  8. 😀 Okay
    My pseudonym is Ileandra Young (its the only name I’m known under in internet land) and since writing is the only thing I’ve kept doing since I was twelve, I kinda figured that its something I quite like doing. So I’ve kept doing it. Mostly novel length stories and there are two at the moment I’m pushing to get ready for publication (either self or through publishing houses… depends how my luck/planning takes me).
    I write (high and urban) fantasy, horror (occasionally), comedy and erotica. The erotica needs a bit of a push, so while I’m on a break from the big projects I’ll also be looking into that. I do write it under another name though (my mum knows this name very well, so I can’t decide if I want to write ‘dirty things’ in a place she can find it!).
    As well as all that I have a radio show that runs every Sunday evening, which is bit of a jumbled blend of requests, chatter, bad jokes and funny news stories. Its an internet show as well, so people all over the world can listen… if they like.

    Okay… and for rule eleventy-five…
    I’m quite partial to the number 12. As in quite obsessed with it. If someone asks me a question, if the answer is a number just reaction is to just scream 12! Kinda like someone hitting you in that spot on your knee where your leg kicks out. You can’t help it, you don’t control it, it just happens. Same thing. eg
    Stranger: How old are you?
    Me: 12!
    Stranger: Um.. are you sure?
    Me: Ah… no. Not really, actually.
    Stranger: Can I see some ID please?
    Me: Here.
    Stranger: This says you’re 27.
    Me: Um…


  9. Nice site. I haven’t seen that movie, but now I might watch it.
    I also wanted a different name so I could try erotica and not have my mum read it. She would freak out if she knew some of the stuff I wrote 🙂

    Some words you could try: popcorn, jelly beans, kitties.


  10. Hey Monique, lovely site. (I was led here because you commented on my blog, “Write. Edit. Seek Literary Agent.”) I am a published author – blushes, looks coy – but I also run a website that does everything from run How To Write courses for total beginners, right through to helping people secure a literary agent. And we do help people with agents a lot. Right now, one of our clients has got a major deal with Random House in the UK and is currently working with the US literary agent (whose services we secured) to get a deal in the States as well. Exciting times.

    You can read more about what we do on the website (http://writersworkshop.co.uk/) or the blog (http://writersworkshop.co.uk/blog/).

    Facts of general eleventy-five silliness: my author photo is twelve years old, I write approximately 600 words to the gallon (of tea), I have two dogs, my most successful fictional character is a 20-something woman.

    And good luck with your writing, y’all.

    I love it Mr. Bingham, ‘600 words to a gallon of tea’ that’s hilarious! Thanks for stopping in!


  11. Hooray! I love eleventy-five!

    I’m Katie. I’m happy you found my blog and commented on it this morning.

    Today, my hair color is reddish brownish, but it looks more brownish when I’m in the light of my home bathroom. I have an attention span of about 2 days for things, like crafts, puzzles, jobs and sadly sometimes relationships. I tend to write about what’s going on in my “inner world”… processing, not processing, wanting to find clarity, frustrated when I don’t. I admit that I walk in contradiction. I love and hate writing. If I don’t write, though, I feel like I cease to exist. My vocabulary is atrocious.

    Thanks Neeks!


    Katie, just the fact that you know the word ‘atrocious’ and used it correctly in a sentence no less shows that you have a very good vocabulary! 🙂 Thanks for adding your info, gotta have those eleventy-fives!


  12. Hahaha, great way to keep you subscribers together!

    Eeerrr, I’m Dian, an English teacher who’s struggling to write better and better each day, as well as an independent blogger and a writer, although I haven’t really published anything lately. The last time I got my short story published was more than 2 years ago. I wrote some random stories in my blog as well, and I also put my published stories in that same blog (the stories, though, unfortunately, is written in Indonesian). You could check them at my blog here: http://www.abunchofnonsense.wordpress.com and go to the ‘Stories’ and ‘Random Stories’ page. 🙂

    As for the eleventy-five… This would be surprising. Due to the number of English posts that I wrote, now I found difficulties in writing things (including stories) in Indonesian, my native language. I feel like I need to learn my native language better… All words and sentences that I could think of in my head are all English!


  13. Saludos 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog and being so kind as to “like” it… my blog is truly happy and wanted me to send you a proper thank you note, but I suppose this comment will have to do for now! 🙂
    I love writing about anything and everything (except that ‘required’ academic writing…yawn).
    I’m obsessed with poetry. I often get distracted by blogs at work. I like to speak in accents when I call people.

    Tell your blog I said thank you and Welcome!


  14. I love your Feels Good! page!! What a great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog bye the way. I also get silly-excited when someone new visits. You can always find me at http://www.justjoywriting.wordpress.com. I have always been a writer, mostly of random stuff. I haven’t been published yet, but I hope to be someday. I love the concept of your blog; it’s such a fun idea. As for the eleventy-fifth rule, I like to dance like a crazy person when no one is here to see. Think Elaine from Seinfeld. 🙂 I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

    Thank you for reading my story and for taking the time to comment. Make your own feels good page, it feels good! 🙂


  15. I’m a new friend of the blog and I think it will do wonders for my writing. I write picture books, one of which should be released soon (but I’m not going to give too much info because I don’t want to jinx it). I have a middle-grade chapter book series is about feisty Mabel, who finds herself on the outs with her Blossoms troop after crunching the cookie sale and must use her wits to escape a stinky situation. Mabel is still looking for her publishing home. I like making up words like sproingy and garg and using them in my writing. And I love the song “Yeah Toast!” by Heywood Banks. What is eleventy-five plus one?

    Welcome, congrats on your books. Eleventy-five plus one is of course, four-sixty eleven.


    • Hi! I wrote a “picture book” – it’s called “The Sun” and is a non-fic kid’s science book. (The last I knew, it was in international circulation) But if you want to read a REALLY FANTASTIC kid’s picture book, you MUST get ahold of one titled “The Frog Rancher” by Annette Griessman. I was allowed to read it before it was published – and I fell in love with it – and with “Clover” (the title character.) It starts out “Clover was the daugher of Big Ed, the most famous cattle rancher in Hickory Springs. From the day she was born, Clover was a bit different from the rest of her family…”

      I have a friend that writes about hamsters too – http://hamsterbritain.com/. You might want to check out his page.


  16. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog – I linked back to you in the comments. I love your three-word story concept!

    I’m an accidental author. I always swore I wouldn’t write fiction, but apparently I lied. My first novel will be published in a couple of weeks, followed by books 2, 3, and 4 of the series by Christmas, and book 5 in the new year. Oops. 🙂

    More of my foolishness here: http://dianehenders.wordpress.com

    Welcome welcome! Thank you so much for the link, sweet!


  17. I am a wanna be writer, Never published, just tinker. Kids grown and gone. Enjoying time with hubby.
    From the North, NH came to the South GA to warm up. Love it here, plan on staying awhile. Who knows maybe now I can do something with my short stories . Love your blog.

    Do you ever write? Then you’re a writer! I know you also have a lot of other titles, mom, grandmother, retired worker, female, why not add writer to it? Check out this page: http://abeerharbi.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/10-tricks-to-motivate-yourself-to-write-right-now/ and follow the instructions!


  18. Found your blog when you visited mine and left a comment.
    Most appreciated!
    Great blog! I’ll be back!
    Here’s a new one for you: a buck two ninety eight. (when someone asks
    the price of something)

    Hey Annie, that is a good one! I remember hearing that in years past. Welcome and glad you like the blog! I did enjoy yours. 🙂


  19. Hi! My name is Ria and I am studying to become a dentist. But writing has always been the one job where I wanted to make a name for myself. I have a blog where I write about my observations of the world around me (so beware if you plan to stick around; who knows you might be the object of my next blog post).


    I have completed writing my very first fantasy novel for higher young adults and am querying agents now. It’s called Rage. I hope to see it on bookshelves soon. Pray for me!



  20. Hey there! My name is Kate and I am all about getting up at 4 a.m. to write. I actually get up that early because I love to, not so much because I have to. If that’s not silly enough, when I hit a fork in the road in the plotline of my manuscripts I walk around the house and talk out loud, acting out the characters to help me understand the choices they will make.

    I became an official author this past spring when The Greensilk Journal published my short story. Presently I am querying literary agents for my novel.

    Still trying to get used to the blogging–my biggest problem is that I love reading blogs like yours, Neeks, that I forget I’m supposed to only spend 15 minutes on the social media stuff so that I can actually write!

    I also act like a kid in the middle of Walt Disney World when someone visits my site and comments. 4amWriter.com.

    Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself!

    Hi Kate, and welcome! I’m going to add a link to your blog here, so that the rest of our fellow bloggers can see it too: http://4amwriter.wordpress.com. Bam, there it is folks. Kate, how about the eleventy-fifth rule?


  21. Hi! I’m Amy Ritscher and new to writing. Actually I started writing my first book when I was nine years old and at home, sick with the flu. I dreamed of being the youngest published author in history….
    Forty years later I’m going to try again. Maybe I’ll be the oldest published author in history? I hope not.
    Here we go on another fabulous adventure: http://amyritscher.wordpress.com


  22. What an original idea! i like your poems especially. I hope we can compare works and help each other out! i’ll add you to my blogs list of ‘Blogs I like’

    Awesome Danilo, I think I finally achieved success here with yours, hehehee. I’ll be watching for more of your work.


  23. Hi, I’m Lorna and I started blogging about 6 months ago as a way to jump-start my memoir. I was a pretty wonky life story and I need to get it written. Blogging seems to be working. I write everyday and I’m almost finished writing the “bones” of my book. Getting it published after I flesh it out (a strange use of words for a vegetarian) will be my next challenge.

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing a close and supportive network of blogger-buddies while my creative writing juices have flowed. Humor is my “thing.” I’d rather laugh at life’s challenges than commiserate about them.

    That’s me in a peanut shell!


  24. Hello there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, and giving me a chance to discover yours! Your premise is straight-up brilliant. I’ll be back with my troika of words. (In fact, one of them might BE troika!). Very generous of you to ask us to include our addresses: Mine is http://themidlifesecondwife.wordpress.com/.

    I see you write poetry as well; so do I. Recently folded a poem into one of my blogs…plan to get more up at some point.

    But let’s talk silly. You want silly? You got it: I’ve given Sandy, our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a voice. You know, kind of like Shari Lewis and Lambchop, except my lips move and Sandy is a living, breathing animal and not a puppet. Cracks my husband up like nothing else. And I’ve just revealed that bit of choice information on SOMEONE ELSE’S BLOG, NOT MINE. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll produce and post a video so the whole world can see (and hear) the amazing talking spaniel. Eleventy-Five. I love it. Also just subscribed. Have a great weekend! Marci, aka The Midlife Second Wife.

    Ahh Marci, true creativity knows no bounds…or blogs no bounds…I think you should post a video we would love to see it! Thank you so much for the subscription, you are AWEsome!
    I wrote poetry in high school, lots and lots you know, then I graduated and real life took over. Well you lived the story too I’m sure. My time is my own a little more these days and I’ve taken up a few of the old pursuits. Writing, not cheerleading, I’ll spare you guys that scene. I couldn’t get my old uniform on my left leg now. Baaahahaha!


  25. Thanks Neeks for the opportunity to be your blog friend!

    I have been agonising over what to write here and came up with my rule Eleventy-Five fact, but it was one of those just before sleep ideas and I’ve since forgotten. So, slightly less exciting than the lost original: I’m always writings lists of jobs to do, that get re-written and re-ordered, and re-written again, which is why it’s taken me weeks to get this posted.

    I’ve been writing fiction for about ten years. Before that it was research reports and papers, which helped with use of language but not vocabulary. I buried my first novel attempt and then got into short stories for a while. I had a couple published and some short-listed, which was good and encouraging. After a bit of a break, due to boat fitting and huge amounts of DIY, I’m back to writing and finding it a bit up and down. I’m writing a novel length story and some days the words run like a tap (faucet) while others they seem frozen in the pipes. I blog about my progress (or lack thereof) at sarahannhall.wordpress.com


  26. Thanks for Visiting My Blog :),
    My name is Esmat Zeerak and I am a young teenager that have just experienced blogging. I am currently a student of 8th grade. In Kabul, Afghanistan.
    I am Photographing, Reading, Blogging, And listening to classic music.
    I write almost about anything that comes in my mind. I write about my daily life , Cooking, Photography, My favorite Quotes, my trips to outside world ( Outside of Afghanistan) 🙂 and my school…..etc
    My blog address is this : http://www.akidwithgreatambition.org
    And for my photography Visit this URL : http://www.flickr.com/kidwithgreatambition


  27. Hi Neeks and all the friends of Neeks : )

    I’m Alex, writer and traveler, originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, currently living in San Antonio, Texas. I’m here in San Antonio working as a web content writer and researching my Pan-Am Project.

    I’m new here at wordpress and was quickly, and warmly, welcomed by Neeks. Thanks so much for that! If anyone would like to check me out, I can be found here ………


    I love writing and traveling, of course, also reading, conversation, music, exploring my surroundings, astronomy, physics, movies….I could go on and on….

    Rule Eleventy-Five~ I’m definitely a ‘slide around the kitchen floor in my socks’ kinda person. I mean, what else is there to do while waiting for the coffee to finish brewing in the morning? : )


  28. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking a post— that is how I found you! Love the three word story idea…definitely encourages creativity.

    I am a web content writer and blogger, and also do a lot of SEO and social media marketing work for small businesses. I like to write about travel, marketing, finance, and earning an online living. I’m also an avid reader, dog lover, mom to three grown ‘kids’ and grandma to three absolutely perfect little peeps, and have been married to my high school sweetheart (my first and only real love) for over 30 years. We live in the country between Akron and Cleveland, Ohio right now, but are seriously contemplating a move to the Gulf Coast of Florida in the near future.

    So glad to have found you and to now be counted among your friends. It is great to have a network of friends who understands this crazy business of writing:)


  29. Thanks for the comment and like, Neeks!

    You’ve got a great idea here, and I’m happy to see it working so well for you.

    I am, as of yet, unpublished expect for a few short pieces in an annual university publication and a nomination in NCUR 2011. I write historical fiction and fantasy, but my true passion is children’s fiction. Witty author at night, mild-mannered high school English teacher by day, I’m finding little time to write anymore–especially on my blog: http://wrtrsitch.wordpress.com

    On the weekends, I manage a local independent bookstore where I spend my time reading the latest ARCs and keeping up-to-date on the hottest titles–hopefully, I’ll find my name on the shelves eventually.

    My eleventy-five fact: My colleagues and I have some of the strangest conversations in the teacher’s lounge over lunch. Like today, where we discussed how we would be treated in prison if we ever found ourselves there, as well as the type of tattoos we might get. We decided we would all get the literary canon, complete with a flash-and-bang to be more punny.


  30. I’m not a published writer. For years, I’ve wished that I had already written a book, so I could avoid that work and still have the satisfaction. Alas, just wanting it has never made it happen. So I’ve begun to write a blog, http://www.diabeticredemption.com, with the hope of starting that book someday soon. I love your blog, and your premise is a smart, interesting one. I also like this friends page — would it be too presumptuous of me to add a “Friends” page to my own blog? Thanks for your thoughtful, very human writings.

    I think a “Friends” page would be a great idea for your blog. It’s always fun to get to know new people. LOL at the beginning of your comment ~ that was funny! Thank you so much for stopping by and for your comments.


  31. Hey there! My name is Kelly and I blog at http://mygurlywayz.wordpress.com/. I love to read and just starting to getting into the idea of wanting to write. I’m currently attending college for web design and I’m a stay at home mom of 4 boys. I love dogs and cats and pizza. A silly thing I like to do is to make up my own words, then I call it kellenese (kella-knees) 😛

    Love that, kellenese!


  32. thanks for liking my SSS – one of the groups I belong do does exactly that – 3 phrases to incorporate into a story or a poem or a whatever – I did laugh when I saw that – not sure I could do it out loud like in the film but I do it every week – have been for over a year. Thanks for the giggle

    Your group sounds like fun! The SSS is interesting too. 🙂


  33. My name is Susan and I live in Birmingham, AL. I have two brothers and a sister, three cats, and one husband. My hair is dark brown, thanks to L’Oreal. I am a freelance writer. My first pubbed poem was “Bubba Loves SPAM.” My work has been published online at AffairZone.com and I’ve done many web content descriptions and articles for gloryholyland.com

    Every morning I sing pseudo-opera to my cats. They seem to enjoy my singing (bellowing?) their names to them.

    Just as long as they don’t “need cash now!”LOL


  34. Just found this page and think the whole idea of it is amazing…it’s nice to see what gets people going and how different we all are…

    Well…..my name is Jen and I’m 22yrs old. I studied English at creative writing at Uni…basically just because I love to write and create characters and stories. I’m currently trying to write a book ( I say trying because half of the time I get so distracted that it’s unbelievable.) I created my blog to try and help me to not give into procrastination. It’s a work in progress lol…

    Sometimes I write random bits of poetry and hunt through notebooks and folders to find things I wrote when I was younger, mainly just so I have something to giggle at.

    I haven’t really gotten into the whole community side of blogging yet and plan to get much more involved in 2012….wish me luck!!!

    P.S. Keep on writing…..I’m hooked on your current tale and your ‘3 word’ story idea is simply marvellous.



  35. This is a great blog, and it is so cool that you encourage us all to spill our guts here, LOL. I am a writer, SEO, and social media consultant.– the writing I do because I love it, the rest because it pays the bills! That being said, I am working on a book– about writing! It will be an extension of my blog— Write and Get Paid! and will help writers that want to earn a living doing what we do…

    My Eleventy-five fact— I have a big yellow lab named Max that is my replacement kid… yes, we’re empty nesters…but he keeps us hopping!

    Love it! As strong and intelligent as our pets can be, they are still dependent upon us. As for the book, I want one! Write and get paid sounds um, awesome! 🙂


  36. Hi, Monique! I’m Laila from Batangas, Philippines.

    Since Christmas, I’ve been writing 2,000 words on my journal. I have also been publishing one short post daily since Dec 15th.

    I have just declared that I want to be a writer a few days ago. Just got my first rejection letter today. It wasn’t that bad. =)

    Glad to hear it, at least you had the strength to send something in, and it gets easier with time! Keep at it, and I love your name!


  37. Hi, Monique, just love your blog! I’m Nancy, an East Coaster who’s been transplanted to the MidWest and is stumbling through this bizarre life collecting snippets and snapshots and writing them down. I’m currently chewing on an idea for a novel while also blogging about the strangeness of life, my various neuroses (let’s call them quirks), posting poems and short fiction and photography and writing about the craft of writing. Or at least my take on the craft of writing 🙂

    I’m at http://www.wordsforgotten.com

    Looking forward to your three word stories!


  38. Howdy!

    I’m Shannon. I live near Washington DC and am a “stay at home” (which is somehow mostly in the car) mom with 2 kids (and 2 cats & one dog).

    I started to enjoy writing in the 1st grade where my teacher had us write poems. I was very proud of my one “Autumn,” but don’t remember any of it. She had me enter some school contest where one kid in each grade got their writing “published.” The works were printed up with title pages, etc and bound in little brown hard-covered books. I was picked for my poem “Cats” (I think that’s what I called it). I will share it with you (from memory) now as the “silly thing.” Please remember I was about 6 when I wrote this (I loved punctuation).


    Cats lay in the sun.
    Cats have very much fun.
    Cats can purr.
    I like to touch their soft fur.
    Cats like to play with string.
    They always do such funny things.
    Cats like to play outside
    in the summer and in spring.

    Now that I’m an established poet, I’ve decided to try my hand at writing a fantasy novel. I also started a blog that is mostly about writing and blogging, with some of my personal musings.

    I’m at: http://shannonhowell.wordpress.com/

    Oh, and my writing has improved since 1st grade, I think…


  39. Hi I’m Heidi and I’m a writeaholic. I have 3 blogs (four if you count the one I started but never write in) and have over a dozen ‘books’ I’ve started – and of course, never finished. I am 3/4 of the way through with my current WIP – a historical inspirational romance (based on real events and real people) now, and feel like I have stepped into the ‘real world’ of writing. I even joined a writing group and the ACFW. Other than the blog posts I “publish,” I have yet to “be published.” One day. . . all in good time. I’m still young (28 next month).

    I stay home with my two-girls (3 1/2 and 2) and live with and care for my balance-challenged Grandma. When I’m not going crazy trying to balance it all, I like to act crazy.

    My favorite is twirling around in the living room singing made up songs and ‘interpretively’ dancing to whatever the muse decides. My oldest (3 going on 13) likes to roll her eyes at me and tell me not to be so silly and dance like that. Lucky for me, my youngest can still be swept up in the swirls, twirls and stupid rhymes.

    I write about my writing at: http://www.birthingbooks.wordpress.com

    And I write about motherhood and life at: http://heidileanne.com

    I love your blog, and beware: I will find three words just for you.

    Hehe, bring them on Heidi, and I love swirling and twirling too 🙂


  40. Hi Monique, thanks for visiting my blog at http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com I am currently compiling a book of conversations I’ve had with ‘street people’. I’m hoping to have it published it in the near future. ~ Dennis

    Dennis what you are doing is important and I think more people should be aware of it. Good luck! Folks, you should check out both of his sites: http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com/about/60-2/ and http://dcardiff.wordpress.com


  41. Okay… I’ll just give y’all a link to some of my publicly published shorts. (the stuff I don’t get paid for.)


    The blog “style” I’m currently using is kind of clunky – so if you want to read more, or to pick and choose which stories you want to read from the variety of types, you’ll need to page back through the “older” writing posts – by clicking the “older” thingie.

    If you have more serious interests, I also have a few political posts, and some econ posts, and some organic gardening stuff… well… look at the header for what else there is. I don’t post often as I’m kinda busy… but you’re welcome to comment (and maybe even enjoy or LEARN stuff.)

    Hummmm…. about me personally…. hummm… well… ummmm…. I’m a bee keeper. We’ve had two hives (topbars) for two years and this year we are adding 15 more colonies – to bring the total up to 17. We are also introducing 5 Langstroth hives in addition to the 11 more topbars (+ 2 replacement topbars as the original two were not really well made and are deteriorating rapidly.) Towards the end of April we will be treking out to Cheyenne to pick up the girls. I’m looking forward to the trip back as I’ll be riding with around 45,000 girls. Whoo HOOO!!! ;-D


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