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Cannonball Cake


Mistake, Chocolate, Whale

The small bell over the front door jingled merrily.  People had come and gone all morning, ordering cakes with everything from crowns to whales to Barbie dolls on them.

“Hello, welcome to Baking Babes, how are you today?”  The owner, Candy Owens, greeted the newcomers with a smile.  Father and daughter, Candy thought.  They favored one another.

“We would like to order a cake,” said the gentleman. Read the rest of this entry

Where is my Sock?


Sock, Graduation, Football

I am an old man right now.  I will be young again in a minute or two, just wait.   There are times where I can see what I am becoming, when I remember who I am.  But I lose them as quickly as the hound wolfs down his kibble when he’s been outside hunting all day.  Just, gone in a second.

Losing memories, one at a time is like a punishment except  I don’t remember to worry about it most of the time. Read the rest of this entry