To Grandmother’s House We Go!


Ambivalent, Raccoon, Generation.

Malevolent yellow eyes followed me when ever I walked through the living room. Their gaze skittered off of my shoulders and shivered down my back making my five-year old legs weak. I hid behind my mother when going upstairs; otherwise I pushed my back to the wall and scraped past as quickly as I could. The old stuffed owl on the newel was terrifying. The first time I saw it I touched the tip of the beak and got a nasty cut that became infected, I knew for sure it had bitten me. Hey I was little, what did I know? Read the rest of this entry

Silence in the Swamp


Incorribible, Tranquillité, Doused

Arlie found the girl drifting deep in the Everglades. Shoulder-length dark hair stuck to her face, he figured her to be around 15 or 16. The girl wore a flowered blouse with tan shorts and white sneakers. She was lying all a-kilter in an old boat, with one arm slung over the side and one leg curled beneath her. Her fingers just grazed the water, leaving ripples that quickly disappeared. Nothing disturbs the black water of the bayou for long, nothing that wants to live. Read the rest of this entry

3 Words Needed Please


Here is your chance to get in on the fun.   Just 3 words.  Give me 3 words and I’ll write one short story using them.   You can give me new words by leaving a comment here .   Check my “About” pages to see how I use them.   Keep an eye out to see if I pick your words.   Subscribe so that you won’t miss it!

If there are no messages any given time that the urge to write strikes, I will provide my own or ask friends to step up (but it’s a lot more fun if you do it).

Laughter, Athlete, Trial


Here is my response to the prompt :)

There was laughter in our house, you see
we were watching an athlete on tv.
He ran a quick mile,
(such a difficult trial!)
Then he smacked right into a tree.

~     ~

Ode To A Teen

What odor invadeth the slumbering nostrils
of thy parental unit?
Thy scent giveth thou away,
perspiring horselips.

Thy socks do overpower me.
I must crawl from my place of repose,
Inciting waves of rebellious laughter.

Oh thou slavering ruminant,
The bouquet wafting from thy bedchambers
Would render the strongest athlete
senseless and broken before
the  lockers of thine enemy.
Surely thou art not the issue of my loins!

What evil have I visited upon
thy person that I must
avail myself of such daily trials?
Thou taketh after thy father,
that porcine sluggard.