The Centurion


I actually won first prize in a Christian poetry contest on the website “!”  My name on the site is “Neeks.”
Here is the prompt and my entry follows:

In the movie “The Passion of the Christ,” during the crucifixion scene they accurately portrayed what would have happened. When the centurion thrust the spear into Jesus’ side, they showed blood and water pouring from the wound and some got on the centurion. We know there is power in the blood of Jesus, pure saving power. In a poem, the form of your choice, show me what the centurion would have felt at that moment. Did he see Jesus as the Christ? Did he see the sin in his own life? Did he realize how unworthy he was of God’s saving grace? What went through his mind? Use imagery and emotion to depict the scene, and what the centurion must have felt. What would you have felt if you were him?

The Centurion

He rode into town with conviction they saw,
the centurion atop his great steed.
Seasoned by battle and enforcement of law,
he lived by the soldiers creed.

The Jewish court did malign and debase,
demanding that something be done.
Pontius reluctant, washed his hands of the case
and turned over the The Father’s Son.

The centurion watched as Jesus was nailed,
on the cross he had borne through the streets;
thrusting a spear in His side as He hung there impaled
gave the soldier a sense of defeat.

For the blood and the water that spilled from the wound
splashed down on the helmeted head.
Centurion’s part here would be over soon,
“It is finished,” Lord Jesus had said.

The soldier’s eyes were opened that day,
now washed in the blood of the Lamb.
Wallowed in sin he did kneel to pray
begging forgiveness of the Great I Am.

It became hard to catch his breath
as the ground then shook and roared.
He saw the wonders attending the death
and knew this man was his Lord.

Let us hope that he has been renewed
in that land where there is no strife;
where sinners such as him, it’s true,
can have everlasting life.


PS: Thank you Megan, Sister Carolyn and my friends at work who reviewed this for me!

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  1. What an awesome tribute to our Risen King, Monique! Beautiful! Inspiring! Reading this, I realize that if I were to stand in the mere shadow of Him on the cross I would fall prostrate. Glory to our Lord and Savior!

    Thank you Virginia, I can always count on you for support ❤


  2. The Centurion is but a man with unrepentant Armour, removed him from the tribe of the warrior, and a conscience will surface, forgive him and you give him new life.

    Your poem comes at a significant time, for me, the country I live in and for those wrapped up in the case or story or plight of one Omar Ahmed Khadr. Am not sure if you know whom I am referring to. Khadr, a Canadian citizen accused of throwing a grenade killing an US Service Medic in Afghanistan , detained in Guantanamo Bay at age 15 for over 10 years without trial, then pleaded guilty on a plea bargain which allowed him to return Canada to do the remainder of an eight year sentence. Khadr was freed on bail May 15th by a Canadian Court with a government vowing to fight the ruling. Forgiveness? In faith and in conscience, Centurion or not, I’d forgive, I do forgive.

    Well written my friend, first place and all, an you badgered (winks) work friends to review your shtufffs, good for you. Sorry, you probably didn’t think you would get a comment such as this (Khadr), but you know me – give me The Short and run away with The Long. I actually read this just after you posted , but my head was not clear that night due to some medication so I passed. And I apologize for not get here sooner.

    I’m so sorry Calvin, I just now got to this. I’m not sure why, I had to approve you again, but it’s done and your comments will post once again without delays.
    Your words are always welcome here, all of them. It’s very late here and I’m off to bed, will comment more tomorrow.


  3. I commented, but it never appeared. So now I’ll simply say, ‘good shtufffs’, you.

    Kind of… the best comment ever. Thank you my friend!


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