The Short (3 words) and the Long (story) of it!


Just 3 words.  Give me 3 words and I’ll write one short story using them.  You can give me new words by leaving a comment here .  If there are no messages any given day I will provide my own or ask friends to step up.   I am not likely to be here on weekends, but one never knows.

Stories will be short, 300-1000 words who knows?   Help me out and give me 3 words!

NOTE: I have a teen who reads this as well, so any emails or comments not suitable for all will be scathingly denounced and then deleted with great gnashing of teeth.

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  1. Hmmm, ummmmmm, huffffffffffffff, urrrrrrrrrrr, da da da da da, hmmmmmmm, deee demmmm, Sigh, mmmmmmmm, ummmmmm, urrrrrrrrrrr, da da da da da, hmmmmmmm, Sigh. Got it.

    These are my three words -ferric, limburger, punkydoodle

    Oh boy, this is exciting. Show me your shtufff, Story Teller. Departs humming Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’.

    LOL. Heaven knows Hudson, I think you’d better sit down. Those are the most random words I’ve gotten yet, but I will do them justice. Now what can I do… ummmm, uuhhh, weellllllll, hmmmmm….


  2. Spice

    Ooo ooo eee oooh! Sounds Halloween-y to me. That’s a word I made up earlier in the week and now I get to use it twice, so thanks!
    Thank you for subscribing too, the more the merrier! Head on over to the “Friends” page and read that, then post a comment there, so that
    the rest of these good readers can check out your blog too 🙂


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