3 Words Needed


I’ve found that every once if I find myself without inspiration I need to drop the word sets I have and start new.  Here is your chance to get in on the fun.   Just 3 words.  Give me 3 words and I’ll write one short story using them.   You can give me new words by leaving a comment here .

Check my “About” page to see how I use them, but please list your three words here.   Keep an eye out to see if I pick your set of words, and subscribe so that you won’t miss your story!

If there are no messages any given day I will provide my own or ask friends to step up (but it’s a lot more fun if you do it).

21 responses »

  1. Ooo cool! I was going to try something like this when my challenges dried up. Ok… How about:
    🙂 not entirely sure where these words came from but I hope you have fun if you use them.

    Hmmmm, do you know I get a picture to mind on this story right away, and it isn’t what you’d expect. I can’t wait till it comes up in the lottery! Thank you 🙂


  2. cup of perspective

    Wow, this will only be the second time since I started my blog that I’ll use the three words together as presented. A compelling set of words, thank you Zendictive!


  3. forty-five, anteater, karma

    manchester, simplicity, anderson

    eleanor, queen, samhain

    can-can, argentina, quest

    owly, anger, farther

    sleepy, ancestor, dangle

    Sorry that I posted so many suggestions, but this is just too fun not to! I would be so pleased, proud, and honored if you were to use one of my suggestions here! Thank you so much, this was fun! 😀

    Scriptor, I feel like I’m at the buffet and I don’t know what to pick! I’ll put them all on the list, but just this once (shaking my head) LOL 😮


  4. grape, elephant and lunar

    good ones, I haven’t done elephant since that pachyderm poem. I wonder if elephants eat grapes…hehehe. Thanks for the words!


  5. You mean am never going to get a story with me three words. Oh, an by the way my subscription to others site thingy is broken. So am lost when people like yourself post something new. Am working on solving this but in the mean time am floundering out the loop of anyone’s new shtufffs.

    Give me your three words again, and I’ll put it at the top of the list! I have missed you Hudson! 🙂


  6. Limburger, ferric, punkydoodle. I don’t normally chew my cabbage twice but for you I will make policy change.

    Someday, in the new future. I hope things will return to normal and will be around more often. Then you and everyone else will be saying ‘I wish he’d get lost’.

    I have re-subscribed to you. Do I show up in your list of subscribers? Yes you do, and I remember those words now. I will do them next, I promise. I hope your blog shtufffs get fixed soon, and we will never get tired of you Hudson! 🙂


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