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Cannonball Cake


Mistake, Chocolate, Whale

The small bell over the front door jingled merrily.  People had come and gone all morning, ordering cakes with everything from crowns to whales to Barbie dolls on them.

“Hello, welcome to Baking Babes, how are you today?”  The owner, Candy Owens, greeted the newcomers with a smile.  Father and daughter, Candy thought.  They favored one another.

“We would like to order a cake,” said the gentleman. Read the rest of this entry

Obsession Born


Weightless, cloud, Ride

Don’t look down Marge, just don’t look down, she told herself as the men began to work on the ropes.  Her hands gripped the railing, her knuckles white.  I’m a television reporter.  I can do this.  One of the team standing nearby saw her face and called out.

“Hey lady, you look like you seen a ghost already!”  Read the rest of this entry

“Remember to Live.” ~ Goethe ~


“Remember to Live.” ~ Goethe ~

Book, Tall, Attic

Clara Bell came up the steps slowly.  She carried a box of clothes which she sat down on an old chair.   Right now it was dusty and hot up here, and she could hear the children playing on the swing set just below.  Clara walked over to the window and pulled back the drapes, noticing as she did so that it needed cleaning badly.  Looking around Clara saw a cloth on the arm of a chair and used it to wipe the windowpane.  Huh, that’s better.  The sun shone in for the first time in years and she could see most of the attic. Read the rest of this entry

Summer Colds are the Worst


Formosa, Cricket, Influenza.

“Mom?” Seven year old Ian screamed bloody murder as he ran through the house, his big brother Auden right behind him.  “Mom!”  They slammed open the screen door and exploded out on the back porch, a ball of fists and feet.  The fight was over quickly; eleven year old Auden was bigger.   He landed a fist in Ian’s left eye and Ian howled.

That’s what you get, you little twerp.” Growled Auden, aiming a kick at his brothers behind. Read the rest of this entry

You Are “More”


Bright, Linger, Suave.

She turned a year older today.  Older.  She stands sideways to the mirror, half in and half out of the frame, and looks back, seeing herself at twenty.  She turns and looks at herself full-on, always critiquing.  Too many wrinkles.  Too much grey.  Too much padding here, there.  She will stuff herself into a shiny dress and entertain a bunch of drunk people and then exhausted, she’ll hit the bed when she falls if she times it right tonight.  Get up and start again tomorrow.  A year older.  But tonight, the party.  Oh well, it’s better than lying in bed watching yourself wrinkle. Read the rest of this entry



Starprober, Celestial, Occupation

In the year 2300, planet Earth harnessed cold fusion.  By 3001 the world was a different place.  There was no more famine and disease was almost nonexistent.  The applications that the new fusion process made available to humanity were too numerous to count.  The land mass of the entire planet was now available for use; cold fusion engines were so cheap to run that it cost next to nothing to transport goods into and out of previously inaccessible places.  It cost nothing to heat and cool your living space, as the cold fusion process was part of the public domain.  Anyone could produce it and everyone could use it.  It powered lamps so that food could be grown anywhere using hydroponics.   Read the rest of this entry

The Sweetest Song is Silence..


Snowmobile, Apple, Darkness

“The sweetest song is silence…that I’ve ever heard..funny how your dreams never touch the earth”                     (“These Dreams” by Heart)

Kate flew through the woods.  A cloud of powdered snow kicked up by her skis caught her in the face, leaving icy crystals on her goggles and in her hair.  She was listening to her favorites on the mp3 player as she went along.  Right now the band Heart was playing and after that Roger Daltrey would scream “Who are you?” Read the rest of this entry

The Lady of Our Lake


Lake, Truck, Cathedral

Lake Winnipesaukee was a few miles down the road from where I grew up. Whenever we went to Laconia we would drive along and then cross the lake.  As a child I spent an awful lot of time watching the lake pass by from my backseat window.  We swam, water-skied and boated on it in the summer; then we skated, fished and played hockey on it all winter.  We took pictures of Lake Winnipesaukee all year-long, but most dramatically in the fall, of course.  When the patchwork of color reflects back from the mirrored lake it’s exhilarating to see.  Just thinking about it makes me want some hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick in it.  I want to put some fluffy socks and a sweater on then curl up on the couch with a good book, but it‘s 90 degrees out and the humidity here in Georgia is about 83% today. Read the rest of this entry

Gift of Glory


Howl, New England, Antique

She drove down the coast, looking at the scenery and listening to the radio.  Autumn brought so many vivid colors to the New England coast, it was truly a blessing to drive along enjoying the bounty.   A day spent in quiet reflection.  Somedays she liked to just drive.  No destination in mind, she would end up wherever she was and come back when she got ready to.  There’s something warm and fuzzy about seeing the bright colors on the trees, scarecrows in overalls stuffed with straw on front porches and bright orange pumpkins on every step.  Richly colored Indian Corn pinned to the front door of the antique shop on Main St.  There were apples and jugs of cider for sale at every farm stand. Read the rest of this entry