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The Martian Family Robinson


Jupiter, Heartburn, Tomorrow

Seventeen year old Emily Robinson looked through the telescope at the far away planet Jupiter.

“I wish we could live there,” she said, bored.  “It’s so much prettier than Mars!”  She kicked the pink dust under her feet.  Here, the sky was red, the ground was red.  The dust that accumulated on their instruments was um, oh yea… red. Read the rest of this entry

Mommy Wake Up


Overwhelmed, Heartbroken, Beautiful

A small face peeked out from behind a torn piece of corrugated tin. A grimy hand rose to scratch the runny little nose. Someone coming. She turned back inside the old, broken building and scooted into the back.

“Mommy wake up now,” the little girl crooned, but Mommy just wouldn’t wake up.  In fact, she didn’t move at all which was funny because her Mommy always was busy doing something.   Read the rest of this entry

Fairy Boats And Fireflies


Green, Boat, Sigh

A fairy named Daffodil looked out of her flower bed, smiling and picking pollen out of her hair.  The stuff does tend to stick, doesn’t it?  She wrapped the pollen in a soft green blade of grass and climbed onto the back of a large bumblebee.

“On we go then Zumble, let’s hit that daffodil over there.”  The bee took off lazily, swooping left and right before he reached the flower.  What a beautiful day for pollen duty, she thought.  “Hey, you wanna go for a dip after we finish?”  She asked Zumble.  Zzz. “Ooh, I’ll take that as a yes!” She said laughing, as she slid off of his back.  She spread the pollen around, gathered more from the flower and loaded it into the leaf. Read the rest of this entry