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Week 1: Plaid, Moisture, Defenseless


I know I said we would start the new 3 word stories on Monday, but I’m excited and can’t wait and decided tostartrightnow!  That’s right, this time the very first 3-word prompt comes to you a day early.  Remember that your stories/poems can be any length, though if longer than 500 words you must leave a link to your page instead of posting the whole thing here.

Comments on the created work are welcome, as long as they are constructive.  I will delete unkind or unproductive comments (along with your work that week if any), so let’s all maintain decorum.  Please do spell check your work before submitting; typo’s are tedious and distracting, enough said.   Here we go!

Week 1




Use these 3 words in a short story or poem.  You can submit it here by replying to this post.  All creations are due by Friday midnight EST and I will run a poll every Friday to see what the public thinks.  The top winner along with will receive a post on their works over the weekend.    Sorry no prizes, just the thrill of knowing you did it and made us eat crow this week.  🙂

PS: Please NO XXX, swearing, or harming of children.

Supernova ~ Final Flight


Jim and Ted have been hard at work sealing the Valiant Explorer with trinite, a new metal that will shield the spaceship from the impending supernova. Just as the supernova is beginning, Jim appears to show signs of overexertion. Ted, with an offer that can only mean his own death, tells Jim to go back inside and seal the door. The next thing Ted knows, his vision blurs and he passes out. Jim tries to reach him but fails.  To read the story in its entirety please click on the Supernova link on the top of the page.

Jim turned around in time to see Ted’s eyes roll back in his head. He reached out to grab his hand but missed as Ted closed his eyes and floated away.

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Supernova Begins! Part 8


To see the entire Supernova story please click on “Supernova” link at top of page.

Ted wished he could wipe the sweat off his brow. It had run down into his eyes a few times and it stung like crazy. He hoped he wouldn’t have an itch to scratch since clearly that wasn’t going to happen either. He looked over at Jim, the picture of calmness, methodically spraying the trinite back and forth, back and forth. They had been out for about 45 minutes this run, hard at work the whole time. People’s lives depended on them finishing this and getting it right. Read the rest of this entry

Supernova 7


The two stars nearest the Valiant Explorer are going supernova – and they cannot outrun the explosion.  The crew is manually applying the trinite to the ship, and the last compartment has yet to be sealed.  The men drew straws to determine who the last two men working outside would be.  Once finished, the ship would be sealed and there was no way for them to get back inside.

8:00 PM Estimated 5 Hours to Supernova

The room emptied slowly. Finally all that remained were Vince, Tank, Jim and Ted.  Vince assisted as Ted and Jim put on their high pressure suits. Designed by ASAUF  (Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United Federation) to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees, they had with three layers of trinite infused cloth underneath the radiation shielding. Read the rest of this entry

Supernova 6


Jim Rivers leads the crew aboard the Valiant Explorer, a mining spaceship which is lost in space.  The two stars nearest them are going supernova – and they cannot outrun the explosion.  Instead, they decide to turn back and fly toward the stars.  The ship is coated with Trinite, a new metal which is impervious to heat, fire and decay.  They stand the best chance of surviving the violence of the blast by hiding behind something when the explosion hits, and the closest thing to them is the larger of the two stars.  The crew is manually applying the trinite to the ship, and the last compartment has yet to be sealed. 

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