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Water Water Everywhere


Well, I didn’t win the contest with this story, but that’s okay.  It was done with the prompt “Alien Encounters” and the contest had several other stipulations.  The contest was here, and this was my first try.  Why don’t you check it out and put your vote in?  These authors are really good! Read the rest of this entry

Supernova Part 5


The crew of the Valiant Explorer have only three days before a nearby sun goes supernova.  They are hard at work trying to save their ship and themselves before the explosion.  Jim Rivers is the navigator who found himself in charge of the ship and all the people on board.  Ted Markham,  one of the leads in the environmental department, has been an outspoken opponent of God because of everything that is happening.  He is about to pay Jim a little visit.  Read the rest of this entry

For Rhiannon


Serendipity, Frozen, Nutmeg

Daisy’s nose was red and running. A strand of curly brown hair escaped the hood of her coat and snagged on her woolen scarf. Soon she would be home to her flat and inside where it was warm. Brrr! It was a cold day in January. Her fingers were red and stiff and her toes ached inside her boots. Just a bit further. On days like these she really loved those old hot water radiators her in her flat , even if they were cranky and noisy all night. It was well worth it when the temperatures dipped below freezing. She saw her building up ahead and quickened her step. Read the rest of this entry

Le Mons Delise Chalet


(Lunar, Schnitzel, Monogamous)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please bring your attention to the left side of the rover.”  The tour guide pointed.  “Right there, see it?  That folks, is a Schnit, oh how fortuitous to find one!”  She pointed to a smallish thing like a tube worm only with legs.  “They are a monogamous creature, as far as we can tell they are indigenous to our own moon.  On all the planets we’ve landed on and explored so far, the Schnits have never been seen anywhere but here; they are quite rare.”  Read the rest of this entry

My Fellow Man


(Forty-five, Anteater, Karma)

I walked into the hospital room they put my son in. I was tired, kind of in shock. It was a semi-private room, holding a bathroom and two beds, separated by floor to ceiling curtains that could be drawn back. My son Donald was in the bed by the door. His appendix had burst. None of us had recognized the symptoms and by the time we realized there was something seriously wrong my husband Bill had to call an ambulance.  Bill would come in the car, as soon as he got my sister to sit with our six-year old daughter. Read the rest of this entry

Supernova Part 4


Jim Rivers, a navigator, now finds himself leading the crew of the Valiant Explorer.  He has awakened everyone on board and held a conference with all the section leaders to detail the situation – their ship veered off course and has brought them into a strange solar system that is going supernova – in 3 days.  They cannot outrun it.  While everyone is shocked, a few voices of reason prevail – giving the team a possible plan to survive the explosion. 

They have decided to salvage usable parts from the ship and forge enough trinite to seal the connection points between as many modules as possible, in effect creating one very long spacecraft.   A memorial service was given for the captain and his first in command who died when a fire damaged their pods.

See the link at the top of the page for the full Supernova story.  Read the rest of this entry

Tag You’re It!


RedJim tagged me so I’m it ~ and may I say I’m glad this is virtual tag because I don’t run anymore unless fire is involved. Okay, well fire or cold rain (yes I got caught out walking the dog and it started pouring yesterday). I had to run back to the house and I thought for sure I was going to knock myself out.

Jim over at notyethere tagged me today. This is just silly enough to hit my funny bone so I’m going to jump in, answer my questions, follow the rules and tag eleven more of you, my readers. Thanks Jim, this sounds like fun. Read the rest of this entry

Supernova Part 3


When we last left the story,  the Valiant Explorer has gone off course.  The computer woke Jim from a deep cryonic sleep to inform him that the nearest star is about to go supernova and that there isn’t time to outrun it.  The  captain and next in command are dead in their pods.  Jim finds himself in charge and has to decide if it is his moral and ethical duty to wake the rest of the crew and tell them of their impending deaths, or if he should let them sleep – and die blissfully, peacefully unaware. 

Jim knew this was a decision he couldn’t make alone.  Read the rest of this entry