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Silence in the Swamp


Incorribible, Tranquillité, Doused

Arlie found the girl drifting deep in the Everglades. Shoulder-length dark hair stuck to her face, he figured her to be around 15 or 16. The girl wore a flowered blouse with tan shorts and white sneakers. She was lying all a-kilter in an old boat, with one arm slung over the side and one leg curled beneath her. Her fingers just grazed the water, leaving ripples that quickly disappeared. Nothing disturbs the black water of the bayou for long, nothing that wants to live. Read the rest of this entry

Sleepy, Ancestor, Dangle


Three new words this week!  Hmmm, what do you think, a gothic tale about a duchess in a castle donning a gown for dinner with a brooch and dangling earrings?  What about an exposé on the 4th dwarf, Sleepy!  A haiku about our forefathers?  What interesting tales can we come up with for the prompt this week?  Hmmm!  Anyone?

Lime, Bird, Nine


They scattered my ashes into the waters of Mickey Lake, eighty years spent and gone.  The flakes danced and blew in the breeze before landing on the surface and disappearing from sight.  We buried my husband years ago on a hill that overlooked our home, as he wished.  I wanted, in repose, to be one with the beloved lake where I was raised. Read the rest of this entry