3 Words Needed Please


Here is your chance to get in on the fun.   Just 3 words.  Give me 3 words and I’ll write one short story using them.   You can give me new words by leaving a comment here .   Check my “About” pages to see how I use them.   Keep an eye out to see if I pick your words.   Subscribe so that you won’t miss it!

If there are no messages any given time that the urge to write strikes, I will provide my own or ask friends to step up (but it’s a lot more fun if you do it).

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  1. incorrigible tranquillité doused…..plucked out of my hat, that covers my head, keeping my brains intact….hope you get lots to chose from in which to spin yarns -it is warming to see the little bird come back to its net, it has to mean spring is here or at least just hiding out of sight.

    Wow okay, you are going to make me work for it. Thank you my friend… Hehehe, tranquillite? Je l’adore!

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