Week #1 ~ 2nd Place Winner is: Dennis Michael Lane



I had a fun contest, and Dennis was voted 2nd place.  I have deleted everything except the winners posts and these bios.  Moving on!

Dennis Lane (also known as limebirdennis) is the 2nd place winner in our contest on The Short and the Long of it.  His story was a sci-fi tale about a police lieutenant, a dead body and some counterfeit human organs.  It was a well-crafted look into a possible future and as I read it I envisioned the set of Blade Runner and could easily see Harrison Ford playing the lead part.  He has many other works in publication:

Dennis M. Lane is a Rhysling Award (2013 Short poem – “Blind Obedience”, 2013 Long Poem – “Grandfather”) and Dwarf Stars Award (2013 “Replacement”) nominated poet and writer of science fiction short stories and novels.

In 1986 he traveled to rural Nigeria as a volunteer teacher and this led to a long career working in international development, which continues to this day. He has lived in seven countries across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, each country making its own impact upon him. He has finally settled in South Africa where he has now lived for almost ten years.

Dennis M. Lane’s writing ranges from poetry, which covers a variety of themes from the personal to the political, and are written in a range of styles and forms; through short stories; to longer forms. His first poetry collection “8 Million Stories” was published in November 2010. A collection of science fiction short stories, poetry and flash fiction, “The Poring Dark”, was published in September 2012. His first novel “Talatu”, a Young Adult Science Fiction tale, was published in March 2013.

His second novel was published in August 2013. “The King’s Jewel”, the first of The Helix Key Series, is a Young Adult novel best described as Quantum Leap meets Assassin’s Creed with a backbone of Stargate; and is populated by his own ancestors (going back as far as the time of Christ!).

Outside of his writing, Dennis presents a regular Film Review on the Hugo award winning StarShipSofa podcast, writes articles for the Limebird Writers site, cooks, plays the harmonica and spends far too much time watching football.

Please join me in wishing Mr. Lane well and congratulations on his 2nd place win.  He, like Mr. Blair, now have bragging rights until next week when we vote for another set of winners.

Let’s see your names here next week.  Submit your stories and don’t forget to come back and vote next Friday!


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