Week #1 ~ Winner is: R. Blair Sands!



I had a fun contest, and Mr. Sands won first place by vote.  I have deleted all posts except the winners and their bios.  Moving on!

Mr. R. Blair Sands is the winner of the first 3-Word Contest on The Short and the Long of it.  All of the stories were well done and I appreciate each and every entry.  Mr. Blair’s short story uses the 3 words in the prompt to describe an afternoon walk home that because of a breaking rainstorm becomes a somewhat urgent one.  We’ve all been caught in a rainstorm at least once, even if when we were a child.  He has turned that experience into one that we can all relate to.  For those who would like to know a little about Mr. Sands he offers the following:

Thank you to those who voted for my story. When I saw the words, I just thought about them individually at first, then thought about how I used my own quilted plaid shirt when it’s cold, then the word moisture fell into place with the cold, and defenseless came quickly. I just made the character wear the plaid shirt and he was on his own. I just stood back and watched from a nondescript viewpoint (third person) and let him write the story as it unfolded to him. When he got inside his home, the story was really at an end, so I quit writing.

I began my writing career in Thule, Greenland, while on assignment in the space industry business. The only thing to do there was go to the Officers club and drink, and I was seeing people turn themselves into drunks, and I didn’t want to be one of them. So I decided to write a book. That was 1973 era, and we didn’t have personal computers then, so I had to type the book on an electric borrowed typewriter. i finally published that book this year, after many editing attempts, rewrites, and just letting it sit for years. But it finally made it to print.

I’ve never entered a writing effort like Neeks’ so am very pleased that people liked my work. Thanks again all.

Mr. Sands has bragging rights until next Friday, when we will all vote to choose another winner on a new set of words.  Here are a few links where his books are for sale online:

Please join me in congratulating R. Blair Sands on a job well done.

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