3 Short Poems


A Child

Trying to reach

a child.

So far away,

yet so near to me.

Living in my heart,

but not in my home.

Staying in my past,

A shadow

of my future self.



I am life

and inner peace

all by myself,

music in my ears.

Life is in my

body.  Life is in

the very core

of my being.

Each minute part

of me is life.

Every inch of me

is sensitive.

See.  Feel.  Touch.  Hear.

I am basking in

the easy rhythm

of nature.  Life.

I am life.



I wonder about things,

which I have no control over,

why life is a story,

yet no one takes cover.

Why the world is afraid,,

we all must save face,

How love isn’t life

Until it’s a race.

13 responses »

  1. Good morning!
    They call it poetry. Me, I call it -thoughts and ‘what if’s’ put to word without all the rules and regulations. I read the words and all seems familiar. I like all 3.

    Thanks Hudson, the first one was actually put to sign language years and years ago by a friend and made into a “song” for the deaf.


    • Did you poof?

      No Hudson, haven’t poofed. Found out that after 15+ yrs. my company has sold out to the lowest bidder, and I am out of a job as of October 24th. I keep trying to write but nothing is coming out. I expect I’ll have plenty of time after the 24th to fiddle around on here though…
      You and Virginia are the only two people who even noticed I was gone, thank you for that.


      • That totally and completely SUCKS!…..am rooting for you in every way possible, like that will do anything to raise your spirits, but it can’t hurt. …..I noticed a long time ago but am always afraid to stick my nose in where it don’t belong.

        Friends are needed and always welcome Hudson 🙂 Pssst! Wish me luck, I submitted “Just Rewards” from last Halloween to a magazine today.


  2. Neeks, three lovely poems. Trying to reach… is there something better to sum up being human? Aren’t we all trying to reach in who knows what direction?

    Yes Nelle, so right. At 16 here, I was trying to reach for the future and was unsure of who I was going to be and how I would fit in.


  3. Whether you are writing a story or poetry, Monique, you have a way to pull on my heart strings. And, by the way, I like your style of poetry. Some of the modern writings I just don’t get. But that is me, old fashioned to the core. 🙂

    Love and hugs to you, dear Amiga!

    P.S. I am so glad to see you’ve written again. It is always a treat!

    Thank you Virginia, always so generous! ❤


  4. I love your site, Monique–and really enjoyed meeting you this morning.
    Dena Hunt

    ~ I enjoyed meeting you as well Dena, thank you. The article Just Imagine is still resonating with me and will for a while, I suspect (those wanting to check it out please let your mouse hover over her name and click; it will take you there). I wrote these poems when I was about 17, they aren’t indicative of anything I’ve done in the recent past. I do hope you will enjoy a story or two from the site. I will watch for more of your work, I also read The Salvation of Glorianne, stunning!


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