Tag You’re It!


RedJim tagged me so I’m it ~ and may I say I’m glad this is virtual tag because I don’t run anymore unless fire is involved. Okay, well fire or cold rain (yes I got caught out walking the dog and it started pouring yesterday). I had to run back to the house and I thought for sure I was going to knock myself out.

Jim over at notyethere tagged me today. This is just silly enough to hit my funny bone so I’m going to jump in, answer my questions, follow the rules and tag eleven more of you, my readers. Thanks Jim, this sounds like fun.

The rules:

1. You must post the rules … ta da!

2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Jim’s questions to me:

1.Sea or Mountains? Yes. Both. Don’t make me choose.
2.Sky blue or Fire red? Sky blue!
3.The Film or The Book? Always the book.
4.Summer or Winter? I think, winter.
5.Sounds, smells, pictures or touch? This was a hard one, touch.
6.Wild woods or Manicured park? Wild woods!
7.Do you know where North is without a compass? Yes if I can watch the sun or moon.
8.Paper map or GPS? Well don’t have a GPS, so…maps.
9.Notebook or Laptop/Ipad/Tablet? Laptop 🙂
10.SLR OR Automatic? Automatic for me, don’t have an SLR but wish I did!
11.Leap of Faith or Logical leap? I like to see a logical conclusion but have certainly made that leap of Faith at times.

Okay then. Now I have to pick eleven of you to be tagged next. Hmmm…which ones will it be? As Jim points out in his post, you are not required to participate in this little game, but as for me – I never could resist a good game of tag 😮

To the first eleven people who comment on this post – TAG, you’re it! Here are your questions:

1) Lefty or Righty?

2) The happiest time of your life is/was:

3) What is your earliest memory?

4) Most embarrassing moment (that you’ll admit to):

5) What makes you laugh out loud?

6) Name one thing you would like to “fix” for all of mankind, be it a collective thought or gift to give:

7) Evolution or Creation?

8) Do you remember any of your high school teachers – who and why?

9) Who is your hero and why?

10) Can we make a “Better” tomorrow? How would you contribute?

11) Inn-ie or Out-ie?

Thanks Jim, this was fun 🙂 Now to go post it and see who the eleven turn out to be!


*Please check out Susan’s blog over at SusanWritesPrecise, her answers are great!

8 responses »

  1. hehe I can’t resist, I love a good game myself 🙂

    Woo hoo Laura is the second one to be tagged You’re It! 😮I see plenty of visitors but no one commenting, come on folks, let’s step up, it’s just a friendly game of tag 🙂


  2. Winter! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    LOL (I’m sure one winter with it’s heating bills and cold would cure me of this romantic reminiscing)…and Nelle makes three! You’re it darlin, hehe.


  3. Oooooo this looks like fun. I always seemed to lose games of tag when I was younger; lets see how this one pans out. ^_^

    Ileandra is #4! Gotcha, hehe. You’re it now 🙂 I lost all the time too, I think my sister used to cheat…haha!


  4. Ohh me me!

    ..and Beth makes 5! Woo hoo, I can’t wait to see your questions Beth, you were at the top of the list when I was originally trying to come up with eleven blogs to tag. I finally decided to just “play tag” and see who I could catch. Thanks for playing 🙂


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