Our Christmas


 Christmas, Joy, Papa  ~ For Dylan and Shelby

The Christmas Tree

My tree is brighter than you know,

because it has a friendly glow

for everyone I’ve ever known;

A light for them has always shone.

Each piece of tinsel on the tree

holds a special memory.

Hundreds of them but you see,

every one is part of me.

The garlands wrap around it too,

one for me and one for you.

Shining silver, gold and blue

My tree is joy and always new.

Each bulb is hung with tender care

and thoughts for those who can’t be there;

but trees will shine out anywhere.

Heart in hand, please let me share.

The Angel on topper is the best,

it means my tree is truly blessed.

I love my tree and now you know

it’s friends like you that make it glow.


Christmas Is

Christmas is that time of year,

when everyone is full of cheer.

It’s lights that dot the Christmas trees,

department store Santa’s with worn-out knees.

Christmas is cookies, divinity, pie;

it’s jolly fat men and reindeer that fly.

Presents wrapped and topped off with bows,

carolers, garlands and yes, mistletoe.

Lights in the window, a wreath on the door,

lots of pine needles all over the floor.

Nana makes her turkey dinner,

her special gravy a contest winner.

Papa watches the game on tv,

and oh how he loves to tickle me!

Sitting down to all that food,

will put even the “Scroogiest” in a good mood!

Lights atop the telephone poles,

Christmas cards, parties with merry old souls.

Looking at colors, forgetting about sizes;

a stocking full of playful surprises.

Eggnog, hot chocolate, a soda with fizz,

Why yes folks I think, Christmas Is!


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  1. Great one, Neeks, as always! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!
    And here’s to a great 2012 filled with lots more three word stories to come 🙂

    Thank you Scriptor, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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