Creepy Crawly Shivery Things



Photo courtesy of Brian Brown Photography/Vanishing Media

See more of his work here:

Troll, Faerie, Magical

In the darkest woods you might be chased
By a fey little man with an elfin face,
who crept beside you and kept apace
till he decided or not to give you his grace.

Winning it he will not kill,
you’ll go unmolested and because of his skill
the magical forest won’t see you until
you are safely through in spite of this chill.

Faerie, spirit, witch or sprite,
describe this person of goblin sight
who feeds baby rabbits and then robs them of sight
to be gripped by the talons of an owl tonight.

The sun has gone and left this place,
don’t stay, go home or just in case –
knock three times, ‘cause you can’t outrace
a troll with a grudge and a metal spiked mace.

YouTube video created by R. Blair Sands  ~  Thank you it’s fanTAStic!

I, Monique, all Halloween-y sounding, recorded the audio.  LOL

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  1. Oh my! -and I thought my forest at night was wickedly scary in a fun way. Yours is farcical, magical and completely intriguing. I read this faster than I have read anything in a long time. Taking in every word then racing onward. Caught up in the chase and in the end I lived through it. Mean old nasty Troll………not to forget the Bunnies. Mother Nature is not so grotesque as the troll, though she can be as nasty so and so at times..

    Did you click on the link? It took me and my dad on the other end of the good ‘ol USA all evening to do!
    I can’t wait for someone to try it!”


    • I missed the ‘CLICK HERE’ ………..I read the three words and zipped on through. Now I tried the Youtube link. Cool ! That was fantastical. Your voice I assume, I liked that It added another dimension. The voice of the ‘story’ Teller a tradition that is often forgotten. Now that it is on YOUTUBE , you can embed it right into your blog or insert the original file in wordpress.

      I don’t know how to do that, putting the link in was as close as I could get. Can you advise?


  2. Ooooooh! I’m going to read this one to my crew at circle time as we start gearing up for Halloween. It is wonderfully shivery!

    Thanks! Desi, thanks for the lovely write up on your blog too, such wonderful words. You are a friend indeed!


  3. Is “Halloweeny” a word? Of course it is. (I created “gardenologist.”)
    And your voice in the YouTube vid is perfectly pitched for the piece and the piece is perfect.

    Love it! Gardenologist – why it just rollllls off the tongue!


  4. I love it!!
    If I stalk the fey little man will I get to read more NeeksWritings?

    There’s several pages here, go to the bottom and click on Older posts, there’s several in there that I’m still in love with. Which one is your favorite and why? 🙂


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