An Amorous Suitor


Elephant, Book, Chocolate

Oh thou elegant elephant
with appendage long and nimble.
Thy stupendous auditory organs
pale in comparison only to thine buttocks.

Dost thou require sustenance?
Must thy cavernous regions tremble
on the Richter Scale when thou art needful?
Wilt thy heart beat increase ten-fold
at the sight of thine jungle fronds?

Return to me, oh beloved pachyderm!
Bring me solace in my hour of need,
so that I might lay down this chocolate dream
and know that thou art safely in my harem.

I giveth thee my greatest adoration,
Oh inspiration of all beatific prose
written in every book penned by mankind
with his coveted manual dexterity.
I grow weak in thy presence;
a hungry shadow
of my former self.
If thy wouldst not come to me,
might thy sister consider my plea?

6 responses »

  1. What a marvellous exercise and well done on the poem!! Impressive. Can I give you three words? xerox, coelacanth, paprika.

    This one was quite a challenge Sue, your story is ready. It’s called “Now That’s a Horse of a Different Color!”


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