Gift of Glory


Howl, New England, Antique

She drove down the coast, looking at the scenery and listening to the radio.  Autumn brought so many vivid colors to the New England coast, it was truly a blessing to drive along enjoying the bounty.   A day spent in quiet reflection.  Somedays she liked to just drive.  No destination in mind, she would end up wherever she was and come back when she got ready to.  There’s something warm and fuzzy about seeing the bright colors on the trees, scarecrows in overalls stuffed with straw on front porches and bright orange pumpkins on every step.  Richly colored Indian Corn pinned to the front door of the antique shop on Main St.  There were apples and jugs of cider for sale at every farm stand.

She left Hampton, NH and headed north on A-1.  The coastal highway.  She loved to see the contrast between the black asphalt and the bright yellow leaves on the birch trees by the road.  So lovely and vibrant here, she thought.  God has blessed  us mightily by providing this splendor.  Looking across the hilly countryside, covered in bright fall colors, she is reminded of “The Land of Counterpane,” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  In it, a sick child lays in bed and his patchwork quilt becomes a fantastic countryside for his army to battle on. It looks as though The Lord waved this beautiful blanket and it settled across the countryside for all to see and share.

This rich display of foliage reminds me of what we discussed in bible study last week, she thought.  While you live it’s easy to go right past those bright yellow trees and never even see them.  Get the kids to school.  You ate a what?  What time will you be back?  It’s so easy to drive right past these beautiful things that The Lord has given us to feed our souls and cherish with our hearts.  Just like its easy to sit in church and let your mind wander, not paying attention.  Thinking about the clothes not ironed at home and how good the jelly doughnut was this morning.  I wonder how long I’ll have to jog to work that off…?

God gave his son, his SON that we might live.  How easy it is to forget that sacrifice, in the daily rush to make it to work.  To have a better car than our neighbors.  To get our children into the right schools.  He gives us so many clues to lead us to Him.  Listen to me, He says.  My 3 yr old giggles happily while she sits in her car seat.  Is that not a miracle?  That human being in the back seat?

He calls, listen to me!  The wind howls amongst great evergreens near these rocky shores.  Salt spray fizzes by the face, the surf crashes against the rocks.  Listen to me!  I am here.  How can you live and not feel wonder every day?  Listen to me! The church bell sings in its tower.  Come to me!


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