Fairy Boats And Fireflies


Green, Boat, Sigh

A fairy named Daffodil looked out of her flower bed, smiling and picking pollen out of her hair.  The stuff does tend to stick, doesn’t it?  She wrapped the pollen in a soft green blade of grass and climbed onto the back of a large bumblebee.

“On we go then Zumble, let’s hit that daffodil over there.”  The bee took off lazily, swooping left and right before he reached the flower.  What a beautiful day for pollen duty, she thought.  “Hey, you wanna go for a dip after we finish?”  She asked Zumble.  Zzz. “Ooh, I’ll take that as a yes!” She said laughing, as she slid off of his back.  She spread the pollen around, gathered more from the flower and loaded it into the leaf.

Zzz zzz.
“More, huh?”  She picked pollen out of her hair again.  “Let’s go!”  Off they went, here and there all morning, exchanging pollen (polishing more than a few flower petals as they went).  “I do love a pretty flower bed,” she said happily.  It was worth the extra effort. Zzz zzz!

After sharing a blueberry for lunch, they headed for the woods.  Daffodil wondered if her friends, Rose and Daisy wanted to come along.  Soon the three of them were flying along on their bumblebees, giggling and talking as young girls will.  They pollinated flowers all afternoon.

A babbling forest stream came into view, with lots of plants along its edges.  The larger leaves like those of the Magnolia tree make very good boats (as any fairy worth her flower knows).  Smaller plants, like Jacob’s Ladder make very good stepping stones, right down to the waters edge.  The girls stood on the back of their bees as they swung out over the stream and one by one they dove off.  Now fairies are magic but they don’t breathe under water.  They can hold their breath a really long time though.

They swam until sundown, eating blackberries from the forest and drinking the sparkling fresh water from the stream.  Before long the sun began to set.  Shadows started to lengthen.  Mother squirrels chattered to baby squirrels as they settled in their nests for the night. The three girls drifted contentedly in their little boats. The bumblebees had long since gone home, needing to be in their hive by nightfall.  Fairies are a little daring, you know.  They like to stay up at night sometimes too.

Twilight set in.  The girls steered their boats to shore, and stepping out they sent the boats swirling downstream.  Daffodil left a blackberry in hers, in case another fairy came upon it.  She was always considerate that way.

“Will it be much longer Daffodil?” Daisy asked.  She was younger than the others and getting sleepy.  Waiting for a ride home, they were all tired and ready to get back to their own flower bed.

“You watch, they’ll be here in a minute Daisy,” Daffodil replied.  “Look here they come now!”   A tiny spot of light shone, and then winked out again.  Sure enough, at the base of the trees and around the bushes tiny lights started blinking.  One flash here, two flashes there.  Daisy was quite excited, as she had never played with fireflies before.

“Over here!  Over here!”  She called out, “Can I have a ride?”

“Yes you can!  Yes you can!”  They called in high-pitched voices exactly at the same time.  Daisy clapped her hands with glee.

“Rose, Daisy- why don’t you go ahead,” said Daffodil.  “I’ll be along right behind you.”  The girls said their goodnights and headed home.  Daffodil called another firefly over and sweetly asked for a ride.  Soon she was gliding around trees and under low branches, sighing with happiness.   What a wonderful day it had been!

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