A Baby Green Turtle


Fly, Heart, Barracuda

The baby Greens struggle out of the sand and run a gamut across the sand into the surf.  They follow the light of the moon, her gentle rays guiding them to the ocean.  Sustenance.

Many of the turtle hatchlings are snatched up before they ever reach the water’s edge; still more get plucked out of the surf by all manner of predators.  Those that make the open sea swim on, not knowing anything but pure bliss: this is what their kind was meant to do. Wish you could live the life of a Green Sea Turtle for a while?

Feel the cool water close over your head; hear the thunder of the surf crashing down above you.  It makes the heart race, knowing that thunderous rush of water could crush you against the rocks in a moment.  Swim deeper, harder!

Ah, we’ve made it out to the reef.  Eye candy in every direction.  A brightly colored Queen Triggerfish is feeding on a sea urchin.  Neon yellow and blue flash by as an angry Queen Angel defends her scratch of sea floor.  A Smooth Trunkfish sails by in his bony armor.  Do they eat baby turtles?  Better move on…

Glide over the reef, around the bony fingers of a Staghorn Coral and rest atop a large Table Coral.  Suddenly a barracuda slashes through the water as he speeds by, long powerful body cutting from side to side.  Definitely get out of his way!

The bottom drops away and there, at last, is the deep blue sea.  From nowhere or everywhere you can hear the clicks and calls of nearby whales.  Slide through the water, feeling it swirl and eddy around your body.  As the reef drops away behind, you can truly fly here in this wonderful blue world.

Beginning to need oxygen now… must go to the surface to breathe.  Swim, swim, further away than it looks…bit of a struggle…burning lungs now…

You wake in your bed, human again.  Arms and legs intact.  Quick, relax and take a deep, slow breath.  Close your eyes and maybe you can continue the dream!

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